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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simon Says: GO F--K YOURSELF!

     So its Friday, the last cycling class of the week and I was so close to giving in to the sweet sweet desire to not go at all seeing as how I am sore as a "Tyranasoreous" (yeah that just happened). Being the mentally ill person that I am, I decide to go. I'm new to this whole cycling class thing and I thought it was just standard intense cycling...dead wrong. Mike, our fitness instructor...or guide if you will is a crazy man. He had us doing push ups on our handle bars while we peddled on high resistance, he had us doing circuits, and towards the end incorporated a grueling game of "Simon Says".
Its seriously sheer luck that I stumble upon the things that i do...
    The evil process begins with a series of "up, downs"--alternating b/t sitting and racing positions. If Mike says up or down without doing it and one of us follows his order we all have to do a full sprint on the bike for a minute. Doesn't seem too bad right? Well after 50 nonstop minutes of challenging, muscle isolating workouts, sprinting is veal parmesan for vegans--get that shit away! We had to do two of em, followed immediately by cycling with one foot to strengthen each leg individually. Talk about being the mayor of "sucksville"....Its both physically and mentally taxing because the whole time I am saying to myself "screw this, screw this, screw this" but somehow my legs keep chugging away, conquering anything and everything instructor Mike throws my way. All the suffering from cycling and lifting each day is helping me develop that killer instinct I need both inside the kitchen and out. Life is not a sprint, its a mother f--king marathon, baby!

"This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure" ~ Winston Churchhill