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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pleased to "Meat" You, Part IV

    Before we get started I would like to take this opportunity to discuss one of my finest achievements...dominating the competition for cow pictures in Google Image Search. Under images if you Google search the word "cow", the first 3 search results are doctored cow pictures I have created in Paint specifically for this blog. So I say this to the future searchers of cow images: "Your bloody welcome."
    Its an exciting time here at the Blog Center of America; not only is it Friday, but its day 4 of my critically acclaimed, Pleased to "Meat" You series (or at least I like to think so). We were supposed to have a quiz today but since we ran out of time I can move right into the real meaty sections of my day (see what I did there?) Chef Elia began demo by breaking down a top sirloin butt into various cuts of meat before moving into another demo of a beautifully fabricated beef tenderloin. While he demoed the sirloin butt, he ran the numbers to show the class the profit margin on what he called "the money maker". The numbers are staggering. Just off the one piece of meat alone he was able to generate over $450 dollars gross profit using hypothetical costs of each steak for a lunch and dinner service. Word to the wise: put sirloin on your menu if you want to rake in the cheddar...

Clearly we know who's willing to go the extra mile in the class--JCVD
    Chef Elia's fabrication so far has been savant-like (but without the mental disability that usually plagues savants). Even when we're pressed for time, he possesses a calmness that you don't see too often. As he puts it, he's not just teaching us in class how to fabricate cuts of meat, he's living it day in and day out. After class he goes to his shop, where he runs a catering business and does, well more meat fabrication. Some chefs and professors can loose touch with new advances in the industry after years of teaching, but Elia knows the trends better than hipsters on Twitter (that makes me laugh for some reason).

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