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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Play With Your Food

    Whats up world? I apologize for my delayed absence from my command post. It will never happen again (yes it will)...I have been stockpiling photos and epic stories for you guys but until I can really sit down and regurgitate everything I will fill the void with photos of the food we get to play with in Product Knowledge...all in the name of research I assure you.

It's important to always play with your food

Beets: standard red (sweet), golden (savory), and I am holding a beet called "candy stripe"

baby carrots

celery root


watermelon radishes

"Purple Top" turnip

Chinese long-bean

edamame beans, boiled in salt water and just pop em in your mouth. So delish

     Nothing special here, I'll admit this is more of a filler post until I can plan out how I want to explain some of the big events that have unfolded in the past few weeks. You have no idea how long it takes for some of these posts to go from raw data to life altering reads ...what you think I'm funny off the top of my head?? It has been an exciting time lately being me so here are a couple of posts you devoted followers can look forward to in the near (I promise near) future:

  • My trip with friends to 11 Madison Park (EMP) aka the best meal of my life
  • Bocuse d'or USA competition held on our campus (basically the Olympics of culinary competitions minus the fact that there actually are cooking competitions in the Olympics)
  • New batch of classes--the last week of Culinary Fundamentals before meat/fish fabrication
  • Culinary job hunt and externship preparation
  • A bunch of other random things my crazy brain finds interesting

    Peace, be good people! 

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  1. Glad you're up & running sgain, was going through withdrawal. Dying to hear about Bocuse d'or! ~ M