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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Soup For You!!

     Ahhh finally, I get to write about the infamous "Rossi's Deli": Zagot-rated "best Deli Hudson Valley" since the dawn of time. My good friend Pbish used to go to Marist down the road and when I texted him about it he replied, "ahh the best" so I knew I was in good hands. Its a small, cramped deli filled with preserved meats, huge hocks of prosciutto, ham, etc. Run by the godmother manning the register and her 4 Italian sons, I felt this was as close to an authentic NY deli I was going to find outside of the city. Finding myself menu-flustered I kept deferring to the next person in line to decided what I wanted. Intimidated by their hard New York style deli demeanors, I finally ordered a large panini (which I would later regret not getting the small) with roast pork, red peppers, spicy spread,  and mozzarella on a toasted freshly made focaccia loaf.

chocolate canolis filled with nutella, whattt??


Zeth on the left (you can find him in the hiking post about conquering the devil) Anthony aka "the swan" on the right

    The first thing that came to mind when I tore through the bag which revealed this behemoth: "...oh fuck" It was a cool day, but it was sunny out an we thought screw it were too hungry to drive back to campus and eat so we crammed onto the small table outside and gorged ourselves like it was the last night before we all turned vegan or something...I gotta be honest with you, I have no idea what that actually means? All I know is that that this panini carried enough weight to break a mans jaw if used as a blunt force instrument...

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