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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pleased to "Meat" You, Part II

The real "mad cow disease"

    It's 9am and I'm covered in blood. Day two and we're already breaking down beef shanks, and large shoulder clods (semi-primals cuts from the primal round and chuck respectively).


    The shank has a large bone running along the side of it as seen here: so what do we do? We have to remove it with a sharp boning knife. Once the bone is removed Chef comes over to check the amount of meat left on it and deems it acceptable or not, along with evaluating your piles of both usable trim, and unusable trim. Now that the bone is removed you begin to denute the shank--esentially you just remove the fat and the silver skin from the meat. To remove the silver skin you cut a "tab" underneath it and pull that tab over the blade of your knife. With the blade angled upwards you glide the knife under the silver skin to strip it off the meat in strips. Lastly, we sliced and cubed the shank into 1 inch cubes before putting them in a vacuum sealed bag for storage.
    Another demo and my group and I are set to break down a shoulder clod segments of: top blade, teres major, no-name (seriously its called the no-name), and heart of the clod.

Shoulder clod
Truss me, I know what I'm doing...
I cut off the pieces and my team and I got to work fabricating and trimming down their own cut from the shoulder before trussing (tying) each piece with kitchen string. If you don't know what I mean when I say trussing basically it looks like this photo on the right: 

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