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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The best movie of all time: Bloodsport  with Van Damme
    Since I only have class till 9:30 every morning I decided to get back on track with eating right, and worst of all...adopting a rigorous workout plan. There is a cycling class 4 days a week I started going to, and some how I said "yes" to lifting everyday with my friend Brad (I know, what was I thinking, right?) Now, I haven't lifted weights in probably 4 years but I said enough is enough. Its been 3 days of lifting so far and I can barely lift my arms above my head--I'll have "T-rex arms" the rest of the week no doubt. Everyday in the workout room I constantly remind Brad that "he's a piece of shit, and that I hate him" for making me go through this shit. The hardest part about getting past the initial 2 weeks for me is not the weights, or the debilitating soreness; its getting over that mental barrier. That's the hardest part, telling that evil voice in your head to "cram it up his cram hole"...Somehow in the process of writing this post, the movie Bloodsport came to mind, easily one of the best movies ever filmed to this day (I'm still trying to find out what the hell a "demmack" is) so I decided to incorporate a few of the many gems this movie has to offer.

    That gif shows how I feel after a day of lifting and fighting the lazy guy in my head. Enjoying the bloodsport theme? Good. Its a reality that not just here at culinary school, but out in the industry I will be exposed to food all day everyday. For a lot of chefs pulling in 80+ hours its easy to chow down on garbage and nearly impossible to find time to exercise. If I can adopt a solid foundation now, while I have ample time, I know I'll stick with it through the program. I just gotta get past these bastardly first 2 weeks. Not just with exercise or being healthy, but in all facets of life its important to find balance. With that being said, Brad, I hate you so much...


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