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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Notes From the Editor

Myah see?
     Myah see? So you think your the cats meow around here, eh? Well lissen' here bucko, an lissen' good. There's a new sheriff in town ya see? So there's gonna be some changes around here, see? Myah!

     I have no clue why I added that segment in, but I did so lets just go with it. First off, this site is now officially mobile friendly; so all you smart phone users out there, feel free to scroll as you go. I downloaded the "blogger app" on my droid, which is something anyone with a droid or iphone can do as well, for a smoother layout than the web-to-mobile conversion. Here are a few other things I've been thinking about lately:
  •     I'm in the process of fooling around with the layout here and there. I changed the little objective section below the title and moved a few things around. I'm not sure if I want to alter the layout a little bit or leave it the way it is, so well see about that. 
  • Soon you'll see a poll section so those who follow can get more involved if they feel like it (besides my mom)
  • Along those same lines does anyone have any suggestions or things they would like to see posted to this blog? Anything food related, anything at all and I will try my best to squeeze more of it in.
  •  This one is semi important: anyone who comments on posts with the name "anonymous" please say who you are, or give your first name so if I or others respond we at least know your name.  
  • Lastly, I have a few videos on my phone taken in class and I am trying to figure out how to get them from my phone to this blog so look for some homemade videos by yours truly
  • Also, look for posts about Eleven Madison Park and my book signings with some of the world's greatest chefs.