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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hoboken Aka NYC Jr.

    I was feeling nostalgic earlier scrolling through my phone looking at landscapes and bright skys, views from the tops of mountains, friends, and the copious amounts of food related photos while the Black Keys played an uncharacteristically mellow tune on my computer's Itunes. Realizing I had so many great posts at my finger tips I decided to break out the shovel and start digging for new ideas. One of the topics that came to mind was my trip to the city the weekend before the Eleven Madison Park extravaganza. I took a train from campus to the city and cabbed it to Hoboken, New Jersey to meet up with some of my old college buddies from UB (they're not really "old buddies" seeing as how I only graduated last May, but you get the idea). I remember feeling anxious and for some reason nervous to see everyone again. It was the first time I was getting to see the gang again since graduation with the exception of Casey, who visited me over the summer. I donno why I felt so nervous, maybe I was afraid that everyone had changed, and I had not. Or maybe that it was me who had done the changing. To my relief everyone was characteristically themselves. New jobs, new living situations, new stories to catch up on, but all intensive purposes the same. And I loved it...

    I remember my friends Casey and Chauncey grilling me about neglecting to keep in touch for the most part over the summer. I reassured them that it was not them but me. When I move on to a new thing I become so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget everything I left behind. Not on purpose or because I regret past experiences, I just get too caught up on the present sometimes. I have lost some friendships and pissed a few people off because of it no doubt, but those who know me understand (or at least I hope so). Now that I cleared that all up lets get into the spirit of Hoboken shall we?
    The weather was absolutely brilliant the whole weekend and my friends and I didn't skip a beat when it came to our old UB shenanigan ways. Within minutes upon my arrival there were hugs, and jokes about Ken becoming homeless once Barbie left (Hence "Hobo-ken"...a very cheesy joke on my part of course). The following morning a few of us walked to grab a bite for breakfast and walk down to the dock to eat and look at New York from across the river. It was a perfect day, getting me one step closer to the whole "yeah maybe I could live in NYC for a while" idea. We sat on a bench ate breakfast sandwiches, watched girls jog by in Yoga pants (thank you to whoever made those by the way) and did our usual recapping of the night (a UB classic). I wont bore you with the particulars but my friend Casey fell asleep on the train and ended up in Camden, New Jersey (a scary sight at 5 in the morning he would later recall).  
"Manmosas" drink two of these and your feeling right at home in Hoboken

Standard breakfast sandwich with ham, egg, and cheese

NYC across the river

     All in all it was an unforgettable weekend and the perfect get-a-way to see my college amigos. I'll post some more stuff soon, be cool.

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  1. Cabbed it to Hoboken? What about the PATH train?