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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Someone I Know Had A Birthday

      My friend Elise turns 22 tonight so a bunch of my close friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate. Everyone says birthdays lose their flair after you turn 21, but personally, I believe birthdays lose their touch once you can no longer say, "I'm diss meny" basically 11, right? Right. Okay so back to what I am supposed to be talking about--dinner. Tonight we all went to JP Bullfeathers...the girls suggested it. Don't drink and name establishments I guess? I don't get to go out to actual restaurants that often so I figured what the hell, I'll go all out on this one...

 Appetizer: "Soup Flight"--a trio of soup du jour samplers.
  • RIGHT: French Onion (okay)
  • LEFT: Some kind of beef & potato stew? (good)
  • BACK: At first I thought it was a corn chowder, but I dunno it tasted like it was cheese based (one of the best soups I've ever had)

House Salad w/ balsamic and a glass of Cabernet

  Entree: Angus Ribeye with cabernet demi-glaze (thats why I got the Cab ya see) and rosemary.

I haven't had a good steak in a while so I shelled out for the ribeye. Happy birthday Elise, happy birthday me....its not my birthda...okay you get it.

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