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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday In New York Part Deux

      I couldn't fit my dessert into the last post, well I could but I wasn't gonna make you read the longest post ever...what is this an Ayn Rand novel?? Anyway, the three of us saved room for dessert (that never happens), so my mom ordered a chocolate cake of sorts and Dottie and I both ordered the pear sorbet (she was copying me all night).

Just so you know, this sorbet tasted exactly like a pear. And I don't mean the "It has a nutty taste, with the slightest hints of...vanilla...and...cinnamon? Ohhh and...berries..yeah berries" kinda thing. No, you taste it and go, "Okay, yeah that's a pear!" That's not a shot at pretentious individuals by the way, thats just usually what I say every time I drink wine...

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