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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Astoria Culinary Walking Tour: Stops 2-3

      The next stop was Omonia Next Door, Omonia's bakery where they sell more sweets, and freshly baked breads. I wanted to pick up a fresh loaf of bread, but I wasn't going to carry (or "shelp" for the New Yorkers) a giant loaf of fresh bread around the city...I'm no peasant. The bakery had a tiny kitchen where 2 chefs made chocolate treats, trippy ceiling decor, and outdoor stadium seating for the summer months. 

      Our 3rd stop was down the street a Mediterranean cafe where my group and I devoured these savory filo dough thingys, stuffed with spinach and cheese, a meat-lovers one, and a pepperoni one. Sorry, don't remember the place or what the food was called.

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