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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lunch in Japan...but in America

      Whats up world? I had lunch on campus today (shocker) and tried this Japanese place tucked into a back corner of the Commons. I've been dragged there before because "I had to try their bubble tea". I'm positive a girl has said those exact words before. The bubble tea is okay, not much my style I guess; could have just been the flavor I tried? Who knows, who cares really. With that being said, I never actually got a chance to eat the food, until this afternoon. I ordered a spicy pork rice bowl to-go, which took what had to have been a full Sienfeld episodes worth of time (sorry Smith). The pork an rice looked a lot different than I expected it to. Not in a bad way (damn that stuff is spicy!), I guess I am just used to typical Chinese style pork and rice.
      The most interesting part of the lunch were the two Japanese drinks I bought with my order. One was a Japanese soda where you had to press down on the cap to release some kind of sugar marble into the drink? I don't know...the thing came with directions. But my GOD it was fantastic! I wish I could say the same thing for the Japanese green tea...It was the only drink I had on hand when I ate part of my lunch. I was torn b/c the pork was so spicy, but I'm pretty sure if I had another sip of that green tea I would have blacked out...
      I've begun to notice I have been eating Asian food a lot lately for no particular reason. I'm trying to taste new things whenever and where ever possible so that could be the reason. Regardless, do not worry I will post some American cuisine soon; most likely something I've made. About  ____ time I know...Pictures after the jump

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