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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday In New York

      My mom and I arrived in the afternoon and began our epic journey throughout the city at some Irish pub. It was a nice day to start, but the food wasn't anything worth writing home about...That last sentence seems odd because no one has crafted a handwritten letter since the Peloponnesian War. My last handwritten letter was done in red crayola crayon, addressed to the president (Clinton at the time) calling for peace throughout the world...Mr. Clinton if you ever read this blog, you owe me a response buddy! So I guess the updated version would have to be: "it wasn't anything worth tweeting about"? I don't know about that one...
      Oh yeah this is a food blog, right. Well Friday night before a show, my mom and I met her old friend Dottie (she's getting married in the fall, congrats Dottie!) at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Kraft Bar--a tasty and expensive but less formal version of his regular Kraft restaurant. The dim lighting (but not cave dark), casual atmosphere and cool/attentive waitstaff perfectly complemented the exceptional food. I can't even imagine what the food at the actual Kraft restaurant tastes like. Maybe one day Mr. Colicchio will be dining at my restaurant? ("In your dreams kid!" should be your response, but don't worry I'll prove you wrong.) I had oysters to start (not on my bill), before my arctic char w/ celery root, beet, horseradish, and dill.The fish was cooked to perfection, nice and flakey and fell apart when I cut into it with a fork (yeah a knife isn't needed here, and that is a good thing). I remember the first bite just melting in my mouth before I mixed it in with the beet, and horseradish. While I am on the subject, I usually despise beets (don't we all), but god damn it was superb in this dish! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DONE! That's from Dumb & Dumber if you didn't realize. Colicchio, you sly dog you...


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