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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tomato, TomAHto

      Hey guys, sorry for the lack of meaningful posts recently; I have been sick the past few days. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow so I'll pick up some things for a great lunch or dinner.
      Today I kept it pretty healthy, had a yogurt with my coffee this morning then a chicken breast flat bread sandwich from Subway for lunch (only ate half). Two random girls sat down with Smith and I for lunch today, thought it would be awkward but we actually had a pretty funny conversation about never being able to save the other half of a Subway sub. For my sub, thought I'd switch it up and try their flat bread, but the most surprising thing was that I asked for tomato? I NEVER put tomatoes on my sandwich and always take them off if they're already on there. I figured I would give em' one last try before I swear them off for good. To clarify, I love tomato things i.e. ketchup, tomato sauce, etc I just usually hate sliced tomatoes on sandwiches (weird texture). With that being said, I didn't mind having them on their this time, and I'll probably get them on in the future. Weird how my perception of sliced tomato changed in about 4 seconds...Also, speaking of tomatoes, it got me thinking: how did throwing tomatoes become a thing for bad performances? Who the hell brings tomatoes to a show anyway??
Just finished the second half and a rice cake w/ a dab of peanut butter & jelly

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