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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Astoria Culinary Walking Tour: Stop 1

      "Hi I'm peter!" I say to a couple sitting next to me (after I dab off the sweat from my forehead with a napkin after doing wind sprints). Funny story, the guy is in UB's grad program, and another girl across from us grew up 5 minutes from where I live off campus...I'm not in The Truman Show am I? Our first stop: Omonia is a Greek pastry and cafe where our group got to know each other (I was from the furthest away) over fresh made Baklava, Kadaifi, and good. Our guide told us to "pace ourselves" because we would be eating at almost every stop along the way. Pace myself? I believe my favorite comedian Louis C.K. said it best: "I'm not done eating when I'm full...I'm done eating when I HATE MYSELF!"

"Mellomakarona"--Orange blossom and honey-soaked cookie

"Bougata"--Custard and filo dough based

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