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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday In New York

      After an excellent and much needed sleep on my grandma's pull out couch I was ready for my walking tour in Astoria, Queens! I was baffled by how well I slept because that pull out couch is a TORTURE RACK! (they're doing wonderful things w/ memory foam these days) If you want severe scoliosis, sleep on my grandma's pull out couch...seriously.
    I will try to break my tour up into all the stops I had along the way but before I do that let me explain to you how my day began. The goal was to get on the subway 2 blocks from my grandma's and get off 2 stops later a block from our first stop--a Greek pastry shop, Omonia. My mom told me to get on the N or Q train and take it from there. The problem was that when I got to the subway (already running late), THERE WAS NO N OR Q TRAIN! After a few moments of slight panic, I hopped on the R train and hoped for the best. Frantically checking the time, I knew I was not making this tour. None of the stops were where I needed to go, so I hopped off to head up to the street and see where I was. The idea was to get to Broadway and 33rd, and I was at Broadway and 46th...with 5 minutes before the tour leaves without me. I full out sprinted 13 long blocks in jeans, windbreaker, and backpack hoping I would see them along the way. Side note: New York may be the only city where I can run 13 blocks in jeans, windbreaker, and backpack and be virtually invisible to everyone on the street.
      I get to Omonia half expecting the group to be gone, only to arrive and have a lady say: "Are you hear for the walking tour? Go on in, we will be here for the first 45 minutes" I sit down at a table sweaty and clearly the youngest person there...great 1st impression.

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