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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pork Tenderloin W/ Blue Moon-Infused Blackberry Sauce And Asparagus Salad

      Okay so this is the dish I was planning to do with the Sam Adams blackberry witbier but Price Chopper did NOT have blackberry witbier, so I was forced to use blue moon instead. The blue moon beer worked well with the blackberries and orange jest but the sauce still lacked something...I added a serrano chili for some heat but still something was off. Shit, the pork was off too..salt and pepper as the only seasoning wasn't gonna save this tenderloin. The asparagus salad was tasty but needed some work also. I don't know, I wasn't happy with this dish overall...
      I am very passionate about food and the things that I make. This dish has been an idea in my head for a while, and although I am glad I finally got to try it out, its just not there yet. I want it to be perfect because this dish is my baby. So if you think your getting a recipe for this, my dog Merlin will maul your hands off. No he won't, hes afraid of squeaky toys...but still.
      I will keep working on this one until its just right. Maybe I'll add a rub to the tenderloin to add some flavor. See pork tenderloin is such a lean cut making it a prime candidate for marinades, spice rubs, etc. As for the sauce, I don't know exactly what it needs, but I'll figure it out.

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