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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stuff I Ate Today

Knee deep in some chicken nahkti with rice for lunch. The pita looking thing in the background is naan--an Indian style bread and booyyy is it tasty; especially when its soaking up some of that orange cream sauce..

After lunch I saw these guys selling BBQ eats...wish I saw this BEFORE lunch
Side note: there was a guy walking around with a sign promoting said BBQ here is the ensuing discussion:
GUY: "Hey want to buy a hot dog for a buck?"
ME: "nah, I already ate lunch thanks though"
ME: "I was actually wondering if I could just take a picture of you with this giant sign for my blog?"
GUY: "You can if you buy a hot dog for a buck"
ME: "we already went over this..."
(We both walk away empty-handed)
My dinner: California club on wheat. It had turkey, crispy bacon, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, avocado spread, and red pepper aioli w/ kettle cooked chips on the side. I usually am a chips on the sandwich kinda guy for crunch, but there was too much going on with this sandwich already...

This club, akin to most other exclusive clubs has a list...sorry tomatoes, you weren't on the list. Turkey and everyone else, here's backstage passes to my mouth

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