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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shock Me Like An Electric Eel

      Alright totally unrelated but does a capital E next to a regular e look abnormal to you or is it just me? I had to open up word to make sure I spelled "eel" correctly, god I suck...speaking of things that are sucky, I'm starting to get sick (my snot is orange if you were wondering) and mother nature decided to help out by making it freezing and dropping a foot of snow b/c the groundhog saw his "shadow" again. Anyone ever think that maybe the groundhog is terrified b/c he's kept in a BOX right before? Anyway, my week from hell is over so I'll just have to soldier through this cold and make some good stuff for ya'll.
      Today was nothing special, I had a low-fat smoothie, and some eel sushi (hence the title) but couldn't eat that much b/c well, read the above paragraph...

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