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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Massive lentil and wheat-berry "sandwich"

      At around noon today, I finally mustered up the courage to get out of bed and see who was still alive from last night. Making my way down to the living room I hear some of my roommates laughing and trying to recap the night. Then I hear one of the greatest sentences ever said by man: "anyone wanna go to Amy's Place?"
      We park and surprisingly the wait isn't that long (usually people are waiting outside for a table) so we sit down on stools, look over the diverse menu an wait for a table to open up. The menu begins with regular breakfast items, which can be ordered anytime of day, but as you continue reading, the menu gravitates towards hearty Mediterranean cuisine and delicate vegetarian/vegan dishes. In other words, this isn't your ordinary diner. Distracted by the unique paintings from local artists and the wide array of customers (hipsters, artsy-types, 2 old women still in their cross country gear, and the like) I briefly forget that I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT! Upon a quick skim of the menu I see the lentil and wheat-berry sandwich with, "what were famous for" embedded in the description; so I go for it. Fully expecting it to be a small vegetarian dish on a pita or something, I go for the full sandwich instead of the half. Boyyyy was I mistaken b/c what arrived was something that made Moe's burritos look like appetizers. I mean christ, this thing was HUGE I didn't even know how to attack it. I kept feeling like I was in the scene from Independence Day where the they fire missiles (EAGLE ONE! FOX TWO!) at the alien mother ship for the first time and they are absorbed by the massive force-field. The president looking at the footage from a television screen yelling, "GET THEM THE HELL OUTTA THERE!!" moments before the ship opens the bay doors and fires upon the army helicopters. This sandwich/burrito WAS the alien mother ship and I had to consume it for the greater good of humanity...

Thats me after I finished off this monster..."WELCOME TO EARFF!"
Two lg flour tortillas stuffed with chopped tomatoes, artichoke hearts, wheat-berries, lentils, lettuce, provolone cheese and a whole bunch of other anonymous ingredients. I could only manage to take down half and boxed the rest up to be consumed, well, five minutes ago. It was completely vegetarian, but it still completely kicked my ass.

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