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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm An Idiot, etc

          hey guys! I was going to post my Indian lunch to "Campus Eats" today but deleted the picture from my phone before the email I sent to my computer went through (I'm an idiot). I'll try to recover the deleted photo but if worst comes to worst I'll just eat there again tomorrow an take new pics so all is not lost.
          Also, I'd like to point out that I don't really know what the focus of this blog will be about other than that it'll be about food (no derr). What I mean is this blog isn't really designed to deliver one type of cuisine or culinary view point. I follow a few other much more professional food blogs than mine an they seem to have a certain viewpoint whether it be healthy, hearty, or mostly one type of cuisine. See I'm kind of spontaneous in nature and my blog and the things I post will reflect that. It will not be uncommon for me to post something about take-out and then turn around and post a fancy dinner I prepared blah blah blah read the description of my blog and you'll understand. It's not all going to be fancy and it's not all going to me stuff I ate on campus (although it seems that way so far).
          With that being said, I'll be finishing my culinary application for the CIA tonight and the next few days so that will take up most of my time; along with my everyday college agenda. This does not mean, however, that I am not thinking of new dishes to post for you guys. I have a dish for the pesto mayonnaise all set and I am still trying to conceptualize my Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier project b/c I really want to nail that one. Once I get to the grocery store I will send lots of tasty new posts your way. Expect to see something over the weekend, peace.

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