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Monday, December 5, 2011

Walk This Way

   Its a nice day (spending it in the library) outside so I figured I would snag a few pics around campus on my walk from Apple Pie Bakery Cafe to Conrad Hilton Library...I ordered the pork belly and grits again for lunch today. "I...GOT...THAT...ITUS!!" some of my friends would say; that's slang for "I'm immobile due to fullness".

Anton Plaza Right outside Roth Hall (main building)

Caterina de Medici, our authentic Italian restaurant on campus. Nice little herb garden out front, except its winter so there's nothing to show.

The last few weeks of the curriculum every culinary student spends 3 weeks in front of the house followed by 3 weeks in back of the house at one of the restaurants on campus. This is the real deal, they are open to the public and booked for weeeeks!  

Crazy sky outside our rec center a few weeks ago

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