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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Freddy B

    Freddy B aka chef Fredrick Bash is our chef for the class Product Knowledge, for which I have on Thursday mornings at 10 (getting to sleep in till 8 or 9 is glorious). I don't just call him Freddy B because I'm a smart ass or something (I called my 4th grade band teacher "Tony" instead of his last was peeved) that's what he goes by. He has articles  in the weekly school paper: La Papillote that say "by Freddy B", and is even addressed as Freddy B by Tim Ryan, the president of our school. Now that that's outta the way, let me just say that Freddy B is the man. He refers to all of us as "chefs of the future" (although that's not gonna happen for everyone...just sayin') and has a true passion for ingredients that is infectious. Plus the man looks like Steve a T. The only real crime about his class is that it is only one day a week. Even culinary math and food safety are twice a week.
    Each week we talk about something new. Last week was salad greens/cooking greens, and this week was cabbage. Imagine an entire class period dedicated to just cabbage. If you love food the way I do, this ROCKS! I secretly snagged a few photos in class for your viewing pleasure (don't worry it was during down time)
We like to play with our food here



Clearly they're twins....

    One day a few friends and I stayed after class to ask if he had any good restaurant suggestions in the area. We waited in his office, then he came in and chatted with us for a while. Since he commutes from Connecticut everyday he doesn't know tons of places, but he still took the time to write down the places he had been to in the area and liked (Palace Dumpling is on the list).
The list he gave us
    Funny story, Freddy B says if he has a class real early in the morning the next day, he'll call his wife and crash on another chef's couch for the night.

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