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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friday Night Eats: Palace Dumpling

    For this edition of "Friday Night Lights Eats", I'm bring it all; the bad jokes (we like to have fun here), the facts, the completely 100% biased opinions, the overuse of parenthesis (see: any post ever...), and a few photos...for the kids.
    When that joyous time arrives when you get the "hey, you wanna go to 'buh-dump-ah-dumps?" from a friend you know your in for a solid meal. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a friend, it could be a total stranger who asks you (I don't discriminate here) and you'll still say yes because that's how GOOD this place is (hey kid! Get in, I have dumplings...). We don't just clarify butter here (we do clarify a lot of butter here though) so let me clarify that "buh-dump-ah-dumps is street slang for Palace Dumpling.

    ["Teens and young adults everywhere are hooked on a new drug. The kids are calling it 'dumpies', 'dump-alicious', 'that dump-da-dump-dump-dump', and 'buh-dump-ah-dumps', but we know it as Palace Dumpling. It is a pandemic sweeping the streets and addicting the youth. 60 minutes will continue its investigation, live at 11!"]

Now I have hooked you fo' pwan have woked tu purfection

    Disclaimer: I am not racist by the way. I have Asian friends, and from time to time we poke(mon) fun.

    I looked up some reviews on Yelp to hear what people were saying about P.D. and to my surprise the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. We arrive to a tiny 'mom an pop' establishment tucked away on the end of a shopping plaza next to a take out pizza joint. The inside was a basic setup with a few tables, and white walls with a couple paintings hanging for decoration. Basically it was your run of the mill Asian establishment, churning out legendary dumplings for fractions of a dollar. A dozen dumplings for 6 bucks?? That's a world I want to live for my virgin P.D. experience I ordered pork dumplings with mushrooms and spicy noodle soup. The dumplings were awesome, and the soup, oh my god. If your a fan of heat then this is a soup for you. Not only do they serve it to you in a gigantic bowl (here's your ladle sir) and magma-hot, but they do not skimp on the red chili flakes (and I'm sure a laundry list of other spices). The soup was so hot that by the end everyone at our table had the sniffles like a 1980's board meeting

Hooked on the spicy noodle soup, hombre

    oooo ooo ok ok wait how about this one...

"Jean, cancel my dinner with Evelyn at Dorsia, I'm going to Palace Dumpling with Paul Allen"
    I'm going out on a limb and saying that this is the greatest picture ever taken. If there's one thing you should know about me its this, if I ever get the chance to post something about anything 80s business I am going to do it dammit! Actual pictures after the jump.

    I apologize in advance for these pictures, they came out real yellow. I donno what it is with that place, but every time I tried to take a picture they all came out yellow. And I know what your thinking, "Yellow? c'mon your obviously being racist here" but no, in all seriousness the lights they had in the place were a dim yellow so these pictures are borderline unshareable but without them I just have pictures of coked out Tony Montana and batshit crazy Patrick Bateman so I need something

Jarrod's face says: "I'll do anything for a dumpling.....anything"

Jarrod and Anthony envisioning a dumpling heaven


"off da chain" lo mein....see what I did there?
     I will say this, VERY underrated lo mein right here. For a place that specializes in dumplings, and by specializes I mean there are only one or two things to choose other than dumplings, they do an awesome lo mein. I'm a huge fan of the lo mein and typically judge a place based on how well they make it; which is sad because it often is very hit or miss.
Spicy pork

    Again, I am sorry for the very bright yellow-orange photos (removes sunglasses, reveals awkward sunglass tan). See you at the next post. Attendance will be taken.

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  1. Hey, Dad and I were around in the 80's! Used to see guys snorting outside office blgs during lunch time, on Wall St. Of course, I was naieve and didn't know what they were up to haha. ~ M