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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its Like Warrrmmmm Apple Pieee Part Deux

    As previously stated, 2 of my favorite meals I've eaten here have come from Apple Pie bakery, and here they are.

duck x four: foie gras mousse, duck confit, crispy duck skin, red onion marmalade, brie cheese on focaccia brushed with duck fat, served with a lima bean side salad with frisee lettuce, red onions, celery & sherry vinaigrette
Don't you just want to live in there?
    Where to start with this one? Everything about this sandwich is brilliant; from the fresh baked focaccia to the crispy duck skin for a nice textural crunch...and tenderly brushing the bottom of the bread with duck fat, WHOO DOES THAT?!?! The biggest surprise, however, was not the sandwich at all. It was the lima bean side salad with Sherry Vinaigrette. It had the taste of a potato salad, but much lighter w/o mayo. Complemented everything so nicely.

crisp house-cured pork belly Stone Milled Carolina grits with cheddar cheese, bacon braised bok choy, fried egg & Sriracha honey sauce

I'd kick a blind lady in the shin for this...good thing I don't have to and can get it any day of the week
    If your what I like to call a "TV dinner style eater" then you are not allowed to eat this meal. Ever. TV dinner style eaters are those who must ensure that each ingredient on their plate remain separate from each other like those compartmentalized TV dinner trays. You know what I mean, protein in one corner, carrots and green veggies in another, potatoes in another. There is a place for it, and its not here. This dish is meant to be mixed up! Poke that runny yolk and let it run rampant like a California wildfire baby!! It may look more like one of those KFC vomit bowls once mixed, but I'm telling you that your doing yourself an injustice if you don't follow the "pork belly shakeup" protocol.

Incest + the roller coaster/chewing tobacco scene from "Sandlot" VS Cindy Crawford in a red dress...that's what we're dealing with here people.

I forgot to mention that these two meals also happened to be consumed on the same day, lunch & dinner. This is how my stomach felt afterward:

Have a goodnight everyone.

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