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Monday, December 5, 2011


Inside Apple Pie from my table
    Once the pork belly an grits from Apple Pie Bakery enters your mind, its not a matter of if you want to Apple Pie to get it, its a matter of how long will the line be once you get there. If this dish is on your mind its impossible to say no. The problem is sometimes Apple Pie can be a can of sardines as discussed in previous posts. I was there earlier today at around 11:30 so it wasn't crowded at all...which is good cause I was itching for the grits (scratches neck, brushes teeth with index finger).

    Apple Pie is not part of the meal plan so you have to either pay your own way or use the greatest gift to man: culinary cash. Exception: Post-extern. When you return from extern you can use your meal swipes at Apple I believe the reason why they do this is because they would be overrun if every student could use swipes there. I know our court side cafe operates under the same principle.

    One way I know our school is the best in the world....we have our own sugar packets. If "the devil is in the details" then welcome to hell compadre...

After...who's got bread for this??


That's how you do the "Pork Bell Shakeup"

The bible
        Brand New addition, as in the class 3 weeks ahead of me didn't even get this edition. You learn everything from this book, and the layout is borderline genius.

Americano free refill
    I'm finishing my pork an grits and reading my pro chef book before I "book" it to the library (that was bad) when one of the waiters comes over and asks if I wanted a refill. You know my answer: "I'm not drivin'". He returns with a fresh cup of Americano and I go to give him my card to swipe and he looks at me like I'm crazy an says "I'm not going to charge you for it. Just drink it!" I stir my free coffee (usually its standard issue black, but I made an exception today) and think about what he said for a second. He could've easily charged me the $3.95 for it, but he didn't. Why? Was he being nice, an he does this all the time? Or was it something more? I'm in my chef whites today (its either chef whites or business casual when class or eating, or they will not serve you/kick your ass out of class) because I have to attend a demo/lecture later today. It's 3 out of 5 lectures with this speaker...last time he said "uh" and "um" over 1,300 times in a 2 hour period. At one point I thought he was joking because he literally said "Well, uh uh uh, um, um-uh...I think that, uh uh uh uh, um-uh, um um um...what we're dealing with here is...uh uh, umm umm uhh" I mean come on, "what we're dealing with here is a failure to communicate!" I'll be blown away if you know what that is from. Alright here's a simpler one: "Ta Ta TA-DAY JUNIOR!"
    Where was I? oh yes, "free 99". I guess the way I look at it is that the server sees me in my chef whites so automatically knows I'm a student here. Maybe he gives free refills for customers too, but I donno, it didn't feel that way. I got this "don't worry, your one of us" type of feel out of the exchange, so that's what I am going to think.

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