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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its Like Warrrmmmm Apple Pieee

White bean & Kale soup; strawberry/basil smoothie

Roommate, sorry dude your not my first roommate named Ethan
    I'm just going to come right out and say it...Apple Pie Bakery kills it on a consistent basis. For those of you who don't go here, Apple Pie is a bakery here on campus that's staffed predominantly by baking and pastry students (and a few culinary it looks like), and is open to the public. The place is usually always packed, which makes it inconvenient when you want a grab-n-go coffee before classes on the 4th floor. Since this school has a strict lateness policy you better not be late. I've sprinted up these set of stairs, which are andre the giant sized in business clothes to make it to food safety on time. You ever run up a flight of stairs with a bookbag on?? It's crazy how bat-shit insane it makes you look. With that being said, a friend of mine, and I'm not purposely saying "a friend of mine" instead of their name I just genuinely forgot who told me, but I was told Apple Pie rakes in a cool 4 million a year, easy. This comes at no surprise because as I previously stated, Apple Pie killllls it! Trying to get a table on a graduation day or move-in day (which both occur every 3 weeks) is like trying to get a table at "Dorsia". If you get that reference your my hero....
    I go to Apple Pie all the time to grab a in coffee. Although there are some babes behind the register (Baking and Pastry is like cheerleading--there are very few straight guys who can pull it off, and they clean up). They also offer a savory menu that's off da chain. Two of my favorite eats at CIA so far come from Apple Pie. They're so ridiculously good I'll have to set aside a separate post for those 2 meals.

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