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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Eats: Cinnamon (Tigers Hate This Place)

 Sorry, I had to include this part from the hangover so that the title of this post made sense...mainly. See! Tigers hate Cinnamon, I'm not crazy...mainly.

    This "Friday Night Lights Eats" establishment is a place I have been to before but forgot to get photos/blog about it, which was disappointing because Cinnamon is a really nice Indian place with terrific food. Mom and pop owned Indian places always seem to be the best. I was all set to give up on a Cinnamon post until Jack from "Lost" reminded me to never give up.

    Your right Jack, WE HAVE TO GO BACCCKK. I neeeeeddd photos. Last night Leah, Eric, Brad, Anthony, Zeth, Jackie (last minute addition...reeled her in "reel" good....damn I suck) and I embarked on the epic quest to return to the island but our compasses were acting loopy and directed us to Cinnamon restaurant instead...go figure. Whats a post without a good "lost" joke from time to time, am I right? Sorry I'm not sorry.
    The 7 of us ordered a veggie platter and a meat platter ("I got your meat platter right here" *grabs junk*) for the table and a couple orders of naan (Indian bread, but you already knew that). We sipped some wine, except Jackie shes only 18. She gets carded in church for the blood of the lord....ohhh snap! Underage AND church joke all mixed in one!?!? (jersey ignites, becomes "on fire") Alright alright, time for some food and pictures, you guys don't actually read this stuff do you (except from my mom, she emails me from her Ipad after every post)?
Pronounced "pee-not noy-yer" for effect...
Leah...on the Food Network

Assorted rice and fried veggies
Good quality food > poor quality picture
    This last picture is the rack of lamb dish I ordered last night. I tried looking up a menu online so I could post exactly what was in it, because I'm a food nerd, but alas they don't have a website. That's okay we roll with the punches here. The dish came with grilled mixed veggies of carrots, cauliflower, etc, and a spicy ginger sauce with fresh lemon. I was hoping I wouldn't cut into the lamb and find a dry, overcooked center like some places tend to do but no, perfect medium rare. We all sat for a while an talked shop aka about our kitchen class before we could realize we were the only customers left in the restaurant.
    As a little note, its always nice to be able to eat at a place later at night and not get that feeling they're trying to hurry you out of there to close. I mean I understand its late and you want to go home. I get it. I do the same exact thing as you, and feel the same exact way most of the time when I'm at work, but its your job. People are always scared to go to a restaurant if they're closing soon because they don't want to piss anyone off or get the dreaded "spit in the food" (people don't do that by the way, so don't be afraid to send things back...but don't be an asshole). I too am one of those people, but sometimes you gotta think, who cares if they're closing in 20 minutes?? I'm hungry, and I'm paying for their service until they're no longer required to accept my money. Screw them, its their job. I'll allow comedian Louis C.K. take it from here....goodnight people, and thank you to the family/staff at Cinnamon Indian restaurant for making my group and I feel welcome right up to the last minute. Well be back again soon.

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