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Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Steve Jobs"

    See I have this blog. And every so often I like to post funny things on it. Well one day a while back I posted something about my then Product Knowledge Chef--Freddy B, looking identical to Steve Jobs. In class I leaned over to my friend Eric and had a little side conversation.
Me: "Who does Freddy B look like?"
Eric: "I donno, who?"
Me:  "C'mon, think. Someone famous."
Eric: "Uhhh I can't really think of anyone."
Me: "Doesn't he look like Steve Jobs?"
Eric: (*Stares at Freddy B for a while*) *Realization face* "OH MY GOD!" *turns to person next to him and whispers the same thing* "This is one of those things that now that you've mentioned it, I can't NOT see him as Steve Jobs...what have you done!"


    From there the legend of Steve Jobs was born. Fast forward to present day and I had just finished up my post about the "laundry thief" (seriously screw who ever did that). I was making my way over to the rec center to grab some Courtside to go when I bumped into Freddy B himself leaving the building. I said hello, but didn't want to disrupt his conversation with another student. Walking into the building I hear his voice from outside, "Peter, hold up a second!" Here is the ensuing conversation:

Me: "Hey Freddy B, what's goin' on?"
FB: "I wanted to tell you, the weirdest thing happened to me the other day"
Me: *Perplexed* "Oh yeah?"
FB: "Yeah. I was surfing the internet the other day, and don't ask me how, but somehow I think I stumbled upon your blog!"
Me: "Hahaha....wait, really?"
FB: Yeahh I don't know how I found it, but I saw your post about me"
Me: *realizing he's talking about the Steve Jobs comparison* "Chef Brash, I meant nothing by it. It was just a joke I wasn't trying to make fun of you or anyth.."
FB: Nooo I thought it was hilarious. I was reading it and I called my wife Chaun over and said, 'Chaun, do I look like Steve Jobs??' She said I did, and we both started laughing. It was histerical!"

    Breathing a sign of relief that he was not offended (he's a pretty laid back and comedic person but still, ya never know right?) I told him I had literally just finished up a new post. He was interested to see more, but had absolutely no idea how he stumbled upon my blog. I asked him if he had a pen and paper (he did), and I wrote down the link and we both went our separate ways.

    That was last week, and I have been thinking about it ever since. How did he find me? I mean, there are literally hundreds of blogs and articles named "Food for thought" (I created the name realizing that. I thought it would be funny, almost poking fun of myself because that's what my blog would represent). And its not like I have a million followers so my blog would be the first one to pop up on a Google search or anything. No you would either have to get my blog link from someone who has it or you would have to do some SERIOUS digging to find it. To put it this way, if I started ranting about terrorism, bad mouthing the present, and death to the infidels it would take the FBI weeeeeks to find me. People living off the grid have a bigger footprint than this blog...
"Come find me, bro!"

    So how the hell did Freddy B find me?? I love that he saw it and that he might read more, but how did he stumble across this blog? Is this my ticket? Is this the big moment I've been waiting for all along? Is this my ticket to fame and stardom? If it is, I promise I won't forget you. I know what your thinking. "But Pete, what if you get all rich and famous? What if the money changes you?" Well rest assured if that does happen, it will. I'm headed straight for Hollywood babayy!! *shoots pistols into the air* *dismissive wink* "Up top!" *pulls hand away* "TOO SLOW!