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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Night Owl

    Its half past Midnight now so I thought why not a post to keep me up, eh? This upcoming week I will be starting breakfast in the infamous K-16 (high volume production kitchen) before moving to lunch as my last class before leaving for externship. I'm forcing myself to stay up because my breakfast class STARTS at 1am and ends at 9 so I need to try and get on that sleep schedule so I am not in zombie mode for class. They say it takes a week or two to get used to a new sleeping schedule, but here at the CIA we get a weekend...

What was I doing...oh yeah, breakfast burritos.

When we met with Chef McCue (he's so crazy he has to have his own post) he stressed to us the importance of making coffee. We took notes while he discussed the ins and outs of the class, how he wants the homework done, job responsibilities, etc. Right in the middle of his lecture he says, "Oh yeah, and make F-ing coffee! Seriously you'll piss everyone off if you don't. I want you to write that down in your little notepads...'make F-ing coffee!'" For your information I did not edit the quote to say "F-ing" he actually said "F-ing"...Anyway so that will be my next week and a half with the "ex girlfriend".

    I did a Google search for: ex girlfriend Memes and GIFs so I could have something clever to add and this is what came up...

   I thought that was genius and awesome. On a sidenote: in high School when my home was calling the ringtone used to be the theme from Jaws. *Donit...donit...donit...donit donit donit donit...donit* "Pete, your Mom is calling!!!" To be fair, when I was a teenage my Mom was a HAWK! She always tried to catch my brother and I doing bad, so we had to come up with clever ways to elude our secret agent mother. Through creativity the jaws theme ringtone was born. Love you mom!

    I am semi on track for my new sleep schedule partly because Friday after my cooking practical I was so exhausted I immediately crashed in my bed for several hours...ok so it was 6 hours. Apparently I said goodbye to my roommate but have no recollection of the talk (he left for externship). Hours into my epic slumber my RA came into the room to tell me I had to clean the room because a new roommate would be coming soon. Half awake I asked her if I could do it tomorrow and she told me I could have a new roommate as early as that night. She left. I slept. When I woke up a Korean kid was in my room unpacking his stuff. I forgot to clean. Jumping out of bed, I said hello in my boxer briefs and apologized for the mess (it was just a butt load of laundry on the floor, nothing crazy). Great first impression he must have. I folded my laundry while he was out and emptied the trash so he didn't think I was a slobby bottom dweller. Later that night Bum Seung and I talked for a while and I told him a little bit about his upcoming classes. He moved from a different dorm (for what reason I did not ask) so he's not new new, but he is still in his first skills class. Coming from Korea Bum Seung's English is pretty broken so my job is to make him as comfortable as I can while I am here before I leave for extern. I wasn't sure how long it would be until I received a new roommate, if at all before I left. Needless to say, you know you've taken an epic nap when you go to bed while your old roommate is packing, and wake up when your new roommate is unpacking. "Where am I? What Year is it?"