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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marshmallow Wonderland

    Okay, this is my third post of the night and I am in a groove so why stop now? This will be a short post that has almost nothing to do with anything other than that its hilarious.
    My roommate, Ethan, a product of a small town in Pennsylvania walked into the room tonight and asked me what I like to think is the greatest question ever asked...He's folding laundry and looks over at me and asks, "Pete, where do Marshmallows come from?" Ethan asked the world's greatest question with the same wonder, and delivery that a small child has then they ask "what the sky is made out of". The conversation we had was brilliant...

    I look at Ethan, puzzled at first and say, "what do you mean?" His response goes down in history:

Ethan: "I was talking to this girl in class the other day about marshmallows and for some reason I always thought they grew on trees."
Me: "What..."
Ethan: (laughing) "Yeah I thought marshmallows grew in nature. Like from a tree or something and this girl just started laughing"
Me: "HAHAHAHAH Ethan that's the greatest thing you've ever said!"
(Both laughing hysterically now)
Me: "Marshmallows are man made. They're basically sugar and air. They're probably made in a factory somewhere" (now pondering where marshmallows are actually made)

    Long story short it was an epic question and we both had a good laugh over it. The end.

Please laugh at took me 14 minutes to make.


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  1. Ghostbusters and the Stay Puft Marshmallow... 2 of the greatest things in the world!! ~ M