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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real Men of Genius!

    I remember those old Budlight radio ads that swept the nation a while back called, Real Men of Genius. The announcer came on the commercial began with the annoucer saying something like: "BUDLIGHT PRESENTS: REAL. MEN. OF. GENIUS. Today we salute YOU! Mr. driving range golf ball picker-upper." and a background singer adlibbing the narration "(YEAHHH you pick up those ballls!)"My neighborhood friend Todd Meyer and I would make a cd with a bunch of them on it and play it in the car. If your not familiar with the commercials take a ganders:

    Anyway, today some friends and I went to Warrens Kitchen & Cutlery after our practical to sharpen our knives for our cooking portion of the practical tomorrow morning. I grabbed a fish spatula and a tin box of tea. An avid coffee drinker I like to drink tea and switch it up from time to time so I bought some Black Current tea by Harney & Sons Fine Teas. It was 7 bucks but well worth it if you want something more than liptons teabags. The tea leaves come in a little sachet pouch but I realized when I got back to my room that my roommate already took his microwave home (I dont't have access to boiling water so I usually resort to his micowave...such is dorm life). Thinking of ways to make tea I noticed my Keurig coffee maker and remembered that a girl used to make tea with it.
    Instead of putting a coffee pod in the lever, you simply run the machine with no pod and you will have piping hot coffee at your finger tips. Brilliant. The problem, however, was that since I've brewed coffee with it so many times there was old coffee grinds from the pods in the filter. When I ran it to get hot water it came out yellow with specks of grind in it. Whats a kid gonna do? I want my tea (it smells devine). Again having to think on my feet, I wondered if my Brita filter would turn it to clear hot water so I tried it. I poured the gross pond-like water into my Brita and VOILA, crystal clear hot water. Its no significant moment of insight but I was pretty impressed with my decision making skills...

Coffee water...

The magic of Brita!

Crystal clear

Getting there...

Tea time!
    I must admit I was pretty impressed with the Brita filter. I usually use it for tap water but I have never tried yellow scummy coffee water before. I never thought in a million years it would come out perfectly clear. So if you want to take the unconventional route for making tea all you need is a Keurig machine and a Brita filter.

"BUDLIGHT PRESENTS: REAL. MEN. OF. GENIUS! Today we salute YOU! Mr. Unconventional tea brewer guy (Mr. Unconventional tea brewwwerr guuyyyy!!) When others said you couldn't make tea. You...made...tea. (Your a master tea makerrrr!!!) Living in a dorm, armed only with a Keurig machine you brewed that golden tea...HAR-MONIOUSLY (You got harmony in thatttt cuppp yeaahhhh!!!) When life gave you hot coffee water you said, 'WAIT....I'll just filter it!' (That's the power of Britaaaa!!!) So crack open an ice cold Budlight sorcerer of gastronomy (he thinks he's a scientisttttt!!!) because we'll be teabagging ALL NIGHT!" 

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  1. Black currant tea sounds delish! Bring some home. ~ M