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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sorry Cleveland...

       I've been eating healthy the past 2 weeks, mostly veggies, tons of fruit, small portions of meat/chicken/fish an all that good stuff. To complement that I also started a daily (except Sunday) workout on the arc-trainer in the south campus gym. I go at the same time everyday with my neighbor/close friend Connor Dever once he's outta work. We hop on the only 2 arc-trainers, set our respective settings and go for an hour. Yep, I said it, straight up 60 minutes...
      Now that that's out of the way lets talk food here people! This week was restaurant week here in Buffalo and boyyyyyyy did I NOT take advantage of that! You didn't see that coming now did you? Sorry for going M. Night Shyamalan on you guys; it wont happen again. If your unfamiliar with restaurant week or haven't left your bomb shelters since 1967, participating restaurants, cafes, bistros, etc have mega deals (i like to think of them as mega "steals"...see what I did there?), specials and all that. Alright I lied, there are no bistros in Buffalo...we were just named the 8th most miserable city in America (and 2nd worst for finding a job). If you ask anyone in Buffalo about this, I guarantee this is there response: "yeah, well we're not Cleveland so..." It seems the outlook is the same if you and and a group of people are being chased by a bear; you don't have to be the fastest, just don't be the slowest...and if you are the slowest, trip the guy next to you (Sorry Cleveland).
      With that being said, I did manage to participate in restaurant week one of the days. On Wednesday some friends and I went to the Steer (the quintessential college bar) for half price flat bread pizzas. They had a wide variety of pizzas to choose from but the one that caught my eye was one with sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, pesto and braised chicken. Oh and cheese. I realize the phrase "oh and cheese" is a phrase my roommate Colin will never say ever in his life because he's allergic to dairy. Not lactose intolerant, just deathly allergic. He's a super kid, and a glass of milk is his kryptonite. Anyway, the pizza was awesome, and came on a little wooden plank. Kudos for presentation.

Side note: my other roommate Beyer got a pizza with ghost chilies on it. A few take-aways I learned from researching the ghost chili:
  • It is the 3rd hottest chili on the planet
  • Its Scoville rating, which measures the level of heat comes in at a staggering 1,041,427 units
  • To put the last bullet into perspective, Tabasco hot sauce is rated as 2,500-5,000 units...SHIZA!

Didn't know it would be that small, but I'll take it for $3.50

      I know what your thinking, "but Pete, pizza is not healthy!" Don't worry I burn over 1,150 calories everyday on the arc trainer. Don't worry I'll burn this off half way through my workout...


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