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Monday, April 4, 2011

Buitoni 2011 Product of the Year

      I don't want to toot my own horn or anything (steals tank, parks it on horn) but I've been using Buitoni wayyyy before they took home the 2011 product of the year in the specialty foods category. Back in the day my mom used to get the tortellini an raviolis when she used to cook for me (my how the turn tables). Now I do most of my own cooking and I think it freaks my mom out sometimes. You should see her face when she asks, "Can I make you somethin" and I reply, "nah, I got it from here".
      One day over spring break I was looking for something to make before I headed back to school. Too tired to go to the grocery store (3 hour drive home after St. Patties in Boston...) I decided I'd use whatever was in the pantry/frig. No problem right? Wrong. Apparently the monkeys from Jumanji (yeah I went there) just raided our house because there was hardly anything to eat. I was about to give up and grab something on my way outta town when I saw tucked way back in the freezer Buitoni lobster raviolis that my mom had mentioned almost everyday like clockwork; she gives me a detailed analysis of almost everything in the frig as if I can't see these things on my own. She would be a great helper for a blind person (there's oranges! ohh and salad! I see some pork tenderloin in here also!) "I'm just being a mother" my mom usually says. I know mom, and I love you for it...but I'm glad I get to be a dad, my life will be 50% less stressful. Just ask my dad, he's sitting in a comfy chair fully immersed in his computer, and non-responsive.
      I thought, why not? So I made the lobster raviolis, which came with a garlic butter sauce. I ate and blogged about it completely unaware that those lobster raviolis would later become the 2011 product of the year!! I guess I'm ahead of the times? (Friend holds up Ghostbusters Tee shirt and shouts "YEAH RIGHT!")
      Buitoni has really stepped up their game as of late, especially with the lobster ravs. The wild mushroom agnolotti is pretty good too. I'd like to think my post about Buitoni was a major contributor to their award win. My friend Jess will most undoubtedly read this an tell me to get off my high horse; her roommate Kelsey will too, she put me in my place all weekend when I visited :)  I'll just make something delicious an they'll forget all about it...

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