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Friday, August 10, 2012

Eat, Play, Laugh Part II: No Man's Land

    By now you know I have an affinity for all things sequel; which is perfect because I have more eye-popping photos to share with you from my experiences at Sperry's...and I mean eye-popping.

    To the untrained eye one would be inclined to think that these lemons and limes are placed on the grill in neat little rows just too look extra fancy or what have you. The truth is they're strategically placed so they can easily be scooped off the grill without burning the shit out of your arm. Que the lights Jeffrey, its time for a demonstration...

Anyone smell burning flesh?

    When your grill is essentially a few metal grates resting only a few inches over freaking fire its a smart idea to keep items out of the middle; or as I like to call it: "no mans land". If that indeed was my hand in the middle of that grill suffice it to say that I would not be in any condition to operate a computer keyboard. If you have this much product going on the grill at one time its important to keep everything towards the sides so you can easily approach horizontally and use the length of the tongs to protect your hands from reaching over the gas-powered inferno.

The smarter decision
    You can see here, the proper technique is demonstrated (minus the plastic spatula, that thing would have melted by now...but hey its all that a Google image search could provide in a pinch). Even having a 3rd row is a tad ambitious because you are still encroaching towards "no man's land". I will be the first to admit however, that there are extenuating circumstances that force me to neglect the sweet science and load up the grill. After scooping up those first few rows of grilled peaches my fingernails undoubtedly feel like they're going to pop off like pogs...  

Lesson 76: "Stay away from 'no man's land!'"
 I don't really have much else to say for this post so let me just show you what a hundred dollar steak looks like...pardon me, one hundred and two dollars. This here people is Wagyu beef (pronounced Wag-goo). Its American-bread Kobe beef and it has more marbling than ancient Greece.

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