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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Notes From the Editor: "Things Done Changed"

    By now you are all well aware that every few weeks or so I take a prolonged hiatus from this blog. I am sure the rumor mill has been churning amongst my fellow readers; who, out of desperation conjure up elaborate explanations in order to rationalize the mysterious disappearance of their king...

"I herd he couldn't handle the pressures of constantly producing funny, relevant material so he fled to Africa...or was that Dave Chappelle?"

"Well I herd he was in jail for liberating the tigers from the zoo because voices in his head said so..."

"You guys are so STUPID! He's clearly in the wildernesses of Australia on a personal 'walkabout' in order to find himself!" *sucks inhaler*

(Collectively): "Yeah that's probably what he's been doing..." 

    The truth is, I'm not gonna try and force new posts on you everyday just because. Sometimes my life becomes more hectic and busy and my blog is going to reflect that. Sometimes I don't have enough material or much to talk about and don't want to force it. Sometimes I'm tired, and just don't feel like putting in the time it takes for me to create these posts (I spend hours on some of these).

    When I started this food blog over a year ago the goal was to capture my ever growing curiosity and love for food. But it has become so much more than that. This blog has become an extension of myself. An extension of who I am. I want people to read these things and if they get nothing out of it other than "Yep. That's him alright", then I'm fine with that. But I'm not just going to force something everyday just to keep it going. Sometimes I just need to take a step back, reflect, gather new material and then bring it again. Always changing. That's how I want to run this blog, because that's how I run my life.
   With that being said, I am back from my sacred Hajj to Mecca, and poised to share with you stories from my travels. Stay tuned! 

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