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Monday, November 21, 2011

CIA Day One (Am I Really Here)

Roth Hall...where everything goes on

     I'm not going to dive too deep into the whole moving in thing because "this ain't my first rodeo" (thank you UB) so I cut to the chase and talk about some fooooood. The first week was dedicated entirely to orientation, and it was the same stuff I had for UB Orientation. During the first week we were required to eat in the East Wing Dining Room in Roth Hall on campus. East Wing is an interesting thing for a few reasons. First, its a 2 course sit down lunch and dinner plus dessert in a fancy dining room, which will take all of 90+ minutes of your time. Each time you sit with 5 new strangers from orientation and its the luck of the draw when your in line, so its important to strategically place yourself close to beautiful girls and away from the creepy kid with the eyes. Here are some pics I gathered during my orientation week, enjoy.

A crustini type thing with sauteed mushrooms, and a red wine reduction
Prosciutto, grapefruit, port wine reduction, baby arugula
Tomato soup, gryuere grilled cheese
The waterfall in front of my can fish in that pond by the way
 Holy textbooks batman! Got all these during orientation 

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